DJ A-Sides talks about his first times “meeting” his partner in BASS, MC FATS! Everything from their first recordings, to recent events, A-sides lets you know what’s up wit one of D&B’s potent combos. With support from LA’s D&B stronghold RESPECT, you’ll see representation from LA pilars like Machete, DJ Scooba, MC XYZ, Questionmark MC and more as they handle the crowd as only A-Sides & Fats can

Background music-
“Teardown”- A-Sides & Fats- Way Back when LP
“Temperature’s Rising(Command Strange remix) We gotcha EP


RADIOBOMB continues its 11 year anniversary month this February with LA’s own DJ TABU (Refuge DNB/Upgrade DNB); definite choice selections from his reserve are on deck for our late night, early morning cru!!
Our 11th year anniversary month also brings “The Return of the Violent Venus,” it’s MIYUKI, crackin’ whips, that ninja with the ruckus at her fingertips…. Our #Radiobomb resident returns from the 702 to join her #radiomob in celebrating 11 years of broadcasting on the fm dial and beyond. Tune in to the Turbulence, INDEED…..2nd & 4th Late Friday Nights/Early Saturday mornings 400-600 PST / 700-900 East Coast / 800-1000 São Paulo, BR / UK 1200-1400 GMT on KPFK – Los Angeles
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98.7fm – Santa Barbara
93.7fm – San Diego
99.5fm – Ridgecrest/China Lake
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Residents: Domination, Regal D, MC Ghozt, Akaida, Miyuki

Giveaway Central & station call-ins: (818)985-5735
Also available on audio archive @ under Aziatik Rhythmz




TUNE IN THIS FRIDAY AFTERHOURS ON Radiobomb Kpfk 90.7FM Live n Effect! DJ SCOOBA (Junglist Platoon / Respect DnB) Friday Afterhours / Saturday morning 400-600 PST / 700-900 EST / 1000-1200 São Paulo Brazil / UK 1200-1400 GMT on KPFK.ORG

90.7FM – LA
98.7FM – Santa Barbara
93.7FM – San Diego
99.5FM – Ridgecrest/China Lake
Streaming LIVE worldwide on

Residents: Miyuki, Regal D, MC Ghozt, Domination, Akaida

Giveaway Central & station call-ins: (818) 985-5735
Also available on audio archive @ kpfk.org under Aziatik Rhythmz



Radiobomb would like to thank our local and worldwide community of artists, promoters, and listeners, old and new that have supported us in our mission here at KPFK, 90.7fm Los Angeles. What started here 10 years ago this month of February would not have been possible without all of your participation. You have been detrimental in our mission of providing and exposing this beautiful sound of jungle, drum & bass, and all other sounds unorthodox in dubstep, hip-hop, glitch, experimental & bass music overall. We have been blessed and privileged to continue playing and reporting for this CULTURE that is such an inspiring movement in all our lives. We are immensely grateful to our home station KPFK Los Angeles & Pacifica Radio for providing a local avenue on the fm airwaves and internationally online ultimately leading to a decade of beats and bass. The whole Radiobomb Team is excited to celebrate 10 years of airtime this late Friday night/early Saturday morning and a whole year of dedicated shows and events. Please tune in and join us for we’re all in this together now…. Artists featured on Radiobomb over the past 10 years: Visionary Underground Rhettmatic APX-1 Machete ERS-1 Drone Tech Itch Inyoung CRS? RAW/6 Blocc/Skankx DJ Qbert Czorhands & J-Spins Kenny Ken Clutch Scooba Heavy Hittahz Silver DJ Meche Simply Jeff U-Ome AMC Supah Cardioid Trasha N*tro Gridlok MC Questionmark General Malice Narcotica Hazen Syrena HIVE Tony K MC Kemst Whizard Deacon Phear Deco MC Biggie Origin D-Styles Majestee Meanstreak Peligro Breakage Step Correct DLX Genetix XXXL 303 Abuse Knick of EVOL INTENT Slyten Pawn Mok & Rusta Flip Tha WaxMunkiez Ketek Nongenetic of the Shadowhuntaz Frayed Knot MC Bypass Cassein Baseck Empress International Playboy Zen Lunalita Arcade Trouble Maximum Moves DJ Pleasure Sonic D Mistah Lex Rockspin Evol Twisted Individual Sense Pablo Hassan Dip Vertigo MC Deco-Comprehension Faust & Shortee Phers-1 Daemia Fiend Divine Elements AK-47 Snacky Chan Circuit Seebass Genr8 Tabu DJ K-Sly Jason D-Dub Flowah Fishe Roxanne Enson Crusha Droid Behavior Icey Ice Phrantek Construkt Jahwy US Marshall DJ Swamp KURU Jo-S DJ Relm Jaquim Bamaca MC J-Tec Eva Adamantium Mirsch Calculon Critycal Dub Level 2 Emu GYU Assassin DJ Blue DJ Mayo NoFace MC Agez Vegas Banger Satin Nomad DJ Chap Andrezz Serjah9 aka Overcast MC Kayaman Taxman Crissy Criss Rollz Taurus Scott Demonslayer Neuropunk Mordrum Iron Butterfly Slogun Habit Just B High Noon Tibet Whisper Ashriser Reid Speed Folix & Back-up Sub Daymon The Chiller Demonone Julie G Jake the Rippah Josif Shadowsniper Artonious Tsetsuna Beaker aka Beak Nasty