DJ A-Sides talks about his first times “meeting” his partner in BASS, MC FATS! Everything from their first recordings, to recent events, A-sides lets you know what’s up wit one of D&B’s potent combos. With support from LA’s D&B stronghold RESPECT, you’ll see representation from LA pilars like Machete, DJ Scooba, MC XYZ, Questionmark MC and more as they handle the crowd as only A-Sides & Fats can

Background music-
“Teardown”- A-Sides & Fats- Way Back when LP
“Temperature’s Rising(Command Strange remix) We gotcha EP

DJ A SIDES – Based upon Bass LP!!

Recently, I caught up with Jason Cambridge A.K.A. DJ A-SIDES(Metalheadz, Eastside recs) right after his set at LA’s legendary D&B club RESPECT Drum & Bass!! After choppin it up a bit about his set, and the scene in general, he blessed RADIOBOMB with his new LP BASED UPON BASS!! Top to Bottom, end to end, this album is FIRE!!! It has everything any D&B DJ, raver, basshead, or Everyday Junglist, would want or need. The legendary A Sides brings it ALL to you like only a TRUE VETERAN can!!!
Make sure you get your blessings as well.
>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>;>; http://asides.bandcamp.com/ <;<;<;<;<;<;<;<;<;<;