In acknowledgement of our 10 years of service on the FM airwaves and beyond, RADIOBOMB is proud to present our “RB-X Mix Series!” The Year-10 series embodies the past, present and future sounds that continue to inspire the show and its residents. The first rotation in the series will feature mixes from our radio residents with future mixes also to be released from contributing artists within the scene. We present this to our worldwide listening community in appreciation for their continued support in this global movement.

Volume 1 features radio resident and LA to Brazil liaison, AKAIDA, with a solid mix of ragga inspirations and heavy vibes. As a long time LA representative and SWAT TEAM specialist, AKADIA, is RADIOBOMB’s top and ONLY draft pick for 2013. We take great pride in having him set off the first mix for the “RB-X Mix Series.”

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CLICK ON IMAGE 4 RADIOBOMB MIX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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