Common denominator

I remember sometime in the early 90s, I was at this super fresh underground spot in LA.
The jam is def. Posse in effect, but I’m the main one with eyes on ladies, ears on beats, and feet in the cypher. Soft shoe action is goin on. Next thing you know, that track starts, the hands went up, the ice grillz turned to smilez, and the stylez got galactic. As for me, I noticed these things inna somewhat automatic way, but something about the beat was different. The word that best describes is “fresh”. And by the reaction to it, you could tell that we all agreed on the magnetically progressive properties of it.
This was the dopeness.
This was the new.
So, soon afterwards, I casually went about seeking out this track. Found it at Tower records on a acid jazz compilation album. Now I REALLY liked the track, but at the time, having only 1 good worthwhile track out of 16 on any album wasn’t gettin it. So I passed thinkin’ “Eh. I’ll just get it later”.
So after about 14 or so years of saying “Maaaan I shoulda just bought it”, I found it on vinyl 12 inch.


During those years, I’ve enjoyed peepin’ the many different artist rock the Winton Marsalis sampled beat that SoHo put together.

This is what i felt like doin’ when I heard this beat

You may have slept on this one. Big up Ghostface!

Gettin’ it @ about 3:23



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