TMS attack!!!

It’s 0200. 2.18.2012
I just got home from work.
I just checked my email and got the message that the Air Jordan 4 Cement retros(my FAVORITE as well as the ONLY Jordan’s that I swore to go all out for)

20120219-175337.jpg were droppin on this date. Remembering one of the most recent Air Jordan drops(Air Jordan 11 Concords *Midnight release*) I figured I’d better go and see if it’s all bad. Got to the So. Bay Galleria at approx. 0230, saw a manageable line, and figured that my timing may have been a bit off, but I still had a chance to cop. My guesstimation was at worst 5am release time.
So after about 4 hours waiting outside in LAs deceptive, but toe and finger numbing cold, they opened the mall doors, and let the sneaker freakerz in. As we entered in groups, they gave us individual numbers and had us wait at our store of choice until that golden moment. As another 2 hours passed with all the Nike headz waiting, rumors and questions circulated about quantity, sizes etc. Next thing you know, the store employee came out, and started asking each person for their shoe size.
I’m the 14th person in line.
Per the recon(ear hustlin’) I did, I found out that I had a good chance to get mine.
Most sneaker headz are low key hustlers as well. Therefore, if they don’t get their own size(s), they’re hella quick to nab another popular size to flip into extra cash. Also, they’ll just get a popular size and look to trade it for their size plus cash.
No Bueno.
Needless to say,
I got mine.

I felt hella hella rough for the mass of headz that got there only minutes after me, waited that whole time, but ended up with doughnut. I would’ve been pissed. But that’s how we get down sometimes.
Lesson learned: Timing and Patience pays off.

Yes and no.
During this yet another time-consuming but gratifying
Episode of the infamous TMS, I kept asking myself,
Is it really worth it?
Why can’t I resist?

One thought on “TMS attack!!!

  1. Wow D I give you mad props for waiting for those Jordan’s & I’m glad that u got them.. I’m sure I would have done it too, you can’t go wong with a pair of Jordan’s 🙂 I’m going to have to see those nice kicks on you next time I see you…

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