RIP Graffiti Legend Kase 2

Jeffery “King Kase 2” Brown (aka Kase 2/Case 2) passed over the weekend(Aug.15) at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Known as an originator of the “camouflage” sketching technique, Kase 2 famously called himself “a style king” in 1983’s Style Wars. Along with Butch 2 (aka DJ Kay Slay), Kase 2 was one of the most famous members of The Fantastic Partners (TFP), a Bronx-born graffiti crew that helped popularlize whole car bombing during the 1970s. Kase 2, who occasionally spelled his name with a “C” for a different graphic punch, will be remembered for inimitable styles that influenced a generation of younger NYC graffiti writers.

Longtime friend and TFP member DJ Kay Slay, shared these words with us:

“Rest in peace King Kase Allah aka Kase 2 TFP!! The King of Style! I had the honor of meeting Kase2 when I was 16 years old. I also had the honor of being side by side with Kase 2 in the 1st hip-hop/graffitti documentary/movie Style Wars, in one of the film’s most memorable scenes. The two of us were rapping on a subway platform in the bronx! Kase 2 was a mentor to many of us in the ghetto, where he stayed strict on us about being creative in our culture and life principles. Kase 2 will truly be missed by all of us!”

Kase 2 will be missed.


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