EDC 2011 PHOTOS!!!!!!



5 thoughts on “EDC 2011 PHOTOS!!!!!!

    1. Hey!
      I’m glad you dig ’em.
      It took me a lil bit to finally get them done,
      but i’m happy to be done with them.

      Yeah. that photo was just right to express how much
      fun we were all having. I knew it once I shot it.
      I can be pretty candid at times, but nowadays it’s
      getting tougher for the ninja in me to strike.
      All good though.

      It’s cool that you were able to find me online.
      Before I got ready to leave, I looked for you, and
      I couldn’t find y’all to tell you where to look for
      the photos. I hope y’all had a great time.

      1. It was amazing!!! And you were awesome! You helped get me that t-shirt haha By the way, are you going to be taking pictures at Audiotistic too? You know you haveeee to go there. Flux Pavilion, Diplo & Doctor P alone is enough to go haha

      2. I’m hoping I can get that day off for Audiotistic. It’s gonna be tough, but i’m tryin’.
        There’s alot of buzz for that event so I know it’s gonna be good.
        I’m glad you like the shirt. You were raving pretty hard for it so i’m glad you got it.
        It was all a bunch of fun.

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